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From Heaven to Earth, the Summer Garden

An extraordinary place of peace, nature and meditation, the Summer Garden on the outskirts of Vercelli, in Piedmont, is part of the Shen Qi Kwoon Tai Academy, a recognized interstile school of Chinese martial arts and holistic disciplines of wellness led by the founder Maesters Carlo Olmo and Angela Oliviero. A garden structured on four levels: a green, very accurately mainteined area for outdoor practice intended for athletes, children and adults; the Ninzareth Meditation Path wich surround the Padme lake restored by a red maple, a willow and a bicentennial olive tree; the Spiritual Temple of Heaven with the great marble Pagoda and finally the Svarga, the Indra’s Heaven, where one can stand on a stone boat immersed in the Ocean of Wisdom to contemplate the transcendence of Mount Sumeruparvata and the stars of the firmament. Everyone, in respectful listening, can find in this place, unique in its kind, moments of peace and inner joy and admire statues, frescoes, symbols and works of art from millenary cultures of all human civilization.

The wonders of art, history and culture

An urban and environmental renewal with respect of nature

Let’s discover together secret treasures of the great civilizations

Group tours to immerse yourself in the mysteries and beauties of the East